Mr Turtle’s Big Finish Concepts and Canons

I decided it was time I stop dallying and start posting again.  I’ve actually been super hard at work on the Ruby June book (two more paintings to punch up) but have neglected to scan any work for a while.  In the meantime, I’ve begun concepting work on a new book that I am collaborating on with Robin Hofmann.  The book is called Mr Turtle’s Big Finish.  For some reason turtles pose a difficult issue for me in that they tend to have that static torso which can limit the poses you can achieve, or at least poses that can really benefit from a strong action line.  I worked up some varied styles, playing around with the orientation of the form in the run and with the overall proportions.


I also sketched up some preliminary canon changes to the head and features, trying to really give a lot of options that we can choose from to get the proper feel for Mr Turtle.  I’m not sure why but Mr. Turtle sounded pretty formal to me so I always envisioned him with glasses.