New Deer Painting Completed

I’m kicking myself as I wasn’t able to get this piece done in time to get it to my father for his birthday. I didn’t push hard ehoughand ended up succumbing to sickness near the end. That and my day job has been kicking my rear with class revisions and the like. I did get the piece done, regardless. I just hope dad doesn’t mind getting it a little late.

This one proved to be a challenge. The canvas I worked on had parts where the gesso resisted the charcoal. I was able to build out what I needed in black and white colored pencil after sprayfixing the charcoal. The reference I used was mostly black and white with lighting directly overhead so I had to work up the color and more angled lighting from my brain. I’m not a huge fan of winging things like that. Still, I think I was able to piece it together well enough. I still have to address the canvas sides and maybe push in a few details on the headress. Still I’m ready to call it done.


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