Painting of Female Mongoose

Finished the painting for my female mongoose for the annual Fullsail art show.  I initially was sticking with my reference and made the eye color a brownish red, which looked decent but I felt it needed more pop so I went back and pushed in a bright green.  The green island surrounded by the reddish brown fur popped a lot better and I liked the idea of it meeting the color of the dress.  I was a little worried about the design on the dress coming through or taking forever but that worked out well also.  I love it when a plan yada yada yada.

Funny thing, I did a linoleum cut print and some calligraphy that took me far less time and effort and everyone so far is responding to that more.  Makes me a little sad inside that my girl here, Isabella de la Salle, isn’t getting as much love.  When I’m working on these paintings, I always imagine a back story to go along with the character and it makes them a little closer to my heart, knowing who they are.  Maybe it is a good thing as I’m not ready to say goodbye to her yet.