The Art of Michael Sanborn

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The Art of Michael Sanborn

A collection of various projects by the artist


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Beaver Painting Complete

Posted on Dec 1 by

I’m really happy that my taking part in the creative writing master’s program still allowed me enough time to complete my annual holiday card. This year I took a...


Squirrel Painting Complete

Posted on Oct 13 by

I’m getting back to my animal paintings again. This is one of the benefits of having a few projects going on at once. I get to cycle through projects maintaining good...


Cult Member Digital Illustration

Posted on Oct 4 by

Finished another illustration of a cult member for my game. I wanted to get this one done for a game session that is coming up quick. Unfortunately, I don’t know if this...


Basilisk Digital Illustration

Posted on Sep 30 by

I decided to try some new techniques on this creature and I recorded a video of it start to finish.  In the upcoming days, I hope to complete a voice over for the video so,...


Zombie Digital Illustration

Posted on Sep 22 by

A little early for Halloween but I had the opportunity to try my hand at a zombie illustration. This one posed some interesting challenges like the tattered remains of clothing....