A slight adjustment to the story

I’ve decided to subtly merge the idea of Atlantis with the Innsmouth tale from the Lovecraftian mythos.  Being a fan of Lovecraft from my late childhood, it isn’t a stretch to see the Altanteans subtly altering into the changed folk of Innsmouth, living off the coast of Massachusetts.  I’ve made a few adjustments to the sketch and converted the work to charcoal on canvas, the first stage of my painting technique.  I always loved the luminous quality of charcoal and used to work strictly on illustration board.  I then discovered, creating paintings for another art show, that working the charcoal into a canvas added an additional layer of complexity to the texture, getting hints of the canvas throughout the image.  This stage usually takes the longest.  It has taken me about two weeks, on and off, to bring this charcoal together.