Birthday Dinosaurs

Apparently I was a liar when I said I wasn’t going to let anything else derail my attempts to get Miranda’s book done. While I did complete another really great thumbnail panel (the angle is sweet!) the other day, I let my wife talk me into making a bunch of dinosaur illustrations for Miranda’s birthday party. I remember creating a bunch of birthday monsters for Ruby when she was Miranda’s age so now I guess I’m on point again. So here are the five illustrations I came up with. I pulled out one of Ruby’s books about dinosaurs for reference, though mine are very loosely based on the real things. They came together pretty quick, a few hours, from pencil to inks. I do enjoy any time I get to play and be creative with my line quality so it wasn’t hard to talk me into the project. I also was able to get another thumbnail done for the book as well and another video demo for my teaching job. Just run run run from pre-dawn to post-dusk.


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