Bluk the Frogman sketch

I’m still working on designing my game and sketched out this character with plans to create a digital illustration of him shortly.  I wanted to post the work in progress, though in hopes that I can post more of my process in hopes it might be useful or helpful to someone.  This character was actually written up by my good friend Griff who has been helping me playtest the mechanics of the game along with a few other selfless souls.  He is a tribal shaman with a penchant for cooking.

The image on the left is the original sketch and then I decided I wanted to adjust a few things.  I didn’t like the weight balance in the character and needed to bring the right knee out further to help with the angle of the hips.  I also wanted the guy to be a little heavier and wanted to adjust the head to be less level.  The tweaks I did here were with the free transform tool, the warp, and smudge tool.  Naturally, I wouldn’t do that to artwork unless it was simply a base I planned to work on top of.  I will have to add shadows on the lower parts of the legs to show that bend a little better. I will also probably make tweaks further as I work on the digital.  I’ve been favoring sharper elbows in the silhouettes lately.


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