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Cumberland Sessions Logo Design

I thought I would take a moment away from my personal painting and illustration to post a bit of my design work.  Here is a logo design I was contracted to create for music recording sessions called Cumberland Sessions.  The company is located on the Cumberland river so following the client’s direction I did my best to incorporate some water or wave like elements in the design.  I started out with some logo thumbnail sketches to see what direction the client wanted to move in.  Naturally if none of these struck a chord (pun) I could return to the drawing board and move in other directions.


Luckily the client liked one of them so I cleaned it up and continued with a few more iterations, playing with color and fonts.


The client then came back with the combination they liked and I made the final tweaks to the design.


Unfortunately, sometimes in the real world things insert themselves uncomfortably  into the best laid plans and cause us to divert a bit.  The client discovered there was a company close by that had a logo with a similar looking microphone so we decided to avoid any issues and change it up a bit.  Once the new microphone was chosen, I made a clean version with that.  The client was happy with the logo and incorporated it into one of their promos…