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Basilisk Video

I’ve been sitting on this video for a little while now and figured it might be time to post it finally. This is a recording of a digital creature design for a basilisk. You can see some of the techniques and process I employ in my digital design work here including collection and examination of reference images, block-outs, application of contrapposto, building up of value, application of texture and applying and pushing light and shadow, and the use of Photoshop tools like free transform, warp, dodge, and burn tools. The original recording took somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 hours but I have time-compressed the final video to make it a little more accessible. I apologize for all the rotation of the canvas. In future videos, I’ll try to keep that to a minimum. I was watching it myself and felt like I might start to swoon.

Ruby June Confronting Coo-Thoo-Loo Charcoal Video

Took me a little while but I finally managed to compress three days worth of video recording bites into one long video.  Then I managed to speed up the process to less than 5 minutes.  Boy do I wish I could work this fast.  Here I am demonstrating my charcoal process where I lay down the values before painting.  I put this under my tutorial videos even though I’m not really talking about the process.  Guess if you look close you can see a little of how I approach my values.

Rooster drawing video

This is a video of my charcoal process in the creation of the rooster painting.  I show how I grid off from my original reference, tone my canvas, sketch in with my eraser, pull out highlights, and then darken my shadows.  All of this happens before I fix the canvas, gel, and then apply acrylic washes and drybrush.