Finished Charcoal of after the Spell is Broken

Finished the charcoal value pass of the page showing the deep ones after Coo-Thoo-Loo’s spell has been broken.  The end is getting nearer!  I have three more charcoals to complete before I can look at them together and evaluate if any alterations need to be made.  Always good to take a final look to make sure proportions stay consistent, values comparable, and to make sure there are no glaring consistency errors.  When a work of this size spans as long as this has (about 3 years now, though the fault of a very busy freelance art business and life in general) one needs to make sure major elements have not shifted.  There was a definite progression in the look of the character here so I ended up having to alter 4 panels.  Anywho, we’re getting closer to the actual painting stage!  Exciting!msanborn_RubyJune_VoiceOfTheSea_Page20_charcoal_72_2013_10_4