First Showing

We had our Full Sail Computer Animation staff art show last night and it went over really well.  We have such a collection of talented artists with amazingly diverse styles.  Naturally, I showed my finished cover painting which went over very well.  I didn’t sell it.  I over-priced it on purpose as I would have to answer to Ruby June had I sold it.  She is expecting it to be on her wall soon.  Had I sold it, the money would have gone into her college fund anyway, which has been, and will be, the deal with any of the book art.  I did sell one of my other pieces, though.  Glad it was one of my others.  They were ready to leave the nest.  This latest one, just having given birth to it, is still my baby.  It will take some time and a little more work before I’m ready to say goodbye to it.