Forced hiatus

My teaching job has ramped up and I’m going to have to be revising my course content for the next few weeks.  Direction has been passed down that the revisions must be done in two months (which is not a lot of time for this type of operation.)  It promises to be fun work but, unfortunately, is going to inadvertently steal time away from the book.  I promise to work on it every spare moment and post as I am able, but it may be a little less frequently at this point.

I have already written the first half of the story, working from a detailed outline of the whole book, and hope to finish that soon.  I’m not sure if I’ll post the whole thing or maybe just some exerpts.  The real fun should come when I start thumbnailing the pages and setting up the dummy book.  It is a process whereby rough compositions are arranged with the text to make sure everything is going to work as a whole before doing a bunch of finished pieces.