Karate Space Pilgrim

Some of you might remember me working on this one last year after the lunchbox drawings.  Then, as always, other things got in the way and I had to put Mr Karate Space Pilgrim on a back-burner.  Luckily I got motivated to finish off all the little one-off paintings hanging over my head before I jump back in on another larger project.  It feels good to finally be tying off some of these.

So this is a painting I did from the lunchbox drawing series where I decided to try some more stylized, cartoony illustrations.  I wanted to see how they would turn out, since my direction of late has been in a more realistic rendering direction with my painting.  I think this one came out nicely and right now it is gracing my wife’s desk at work.  For this design, I wanted to push that lighting we see from classic sci-fi movies like Alien and Outland where you have that severe upward lighting from the interior helmet light.  Fun!


And here is the original lunchbox drawing that prompted it’s creation.