Lunchbox Drawings – August 2014

So I’ve decided I’m going to draw something for my daughter’s lunchbox every day as a little surprise.  On top of it being fun and hopefully meaningful to Ruby, it will get me drawing something every day.  With all the things that are always going on every day, sometimes drawing takes a back seat.  This way I’ll make sure I and productive and do something artistic every day.  It just means I have to get up 30 minutes earlier than I usually do.  What is that… 4am now?  No biggie.  I can make that happen… msanborn_lunchImage_Ruby_72_2014_8_28 msanborn_lunchImage_Ruby_72_2014_8_27 msanborn_lunchImage_Ruby_72_2014_8_26 msanborn_lunchImage_Ruby_72_2014_8_25 msanborn_lunchImage_Ruby_72_2014_8_24 msanborn_lunchImage_Ruby_72_2014_8_23 msanborn_lunchImage_Ruby_72_2014_8_22 msanborn_lunchImage_Ruby_72_2014_8_21 msanborn_lunchImage_Ruby_72_2014_8_20msanborn_lunchImage_Ruby_72_2014_9_1