Lunchbox Drawings – December 2014 Part 1

Finally getting around to posting some new lunchbox drawings.  I can’t keep track of where I left off, so many of them are getting done.  On a side note, I’m going to be painting three of them for Christmas presents for the family.  I just finished the charcoals of the aristocratic owl (which I will have to post later) and it is turning out very well so far.  I love what you can do with lighting with charcoal.  It just lends itself to that so well.  I should thank one of my students for making mention of aristocratic owls as it prompted the image in the first place.

msanborn_lunchImage_aristocraticOwl_72_2014_12_4 msanborn_lunchImage_karateSpacePilgrim_72_2014_11_19 msanborn_lunchImage_pirateKitty_72_2014_11_24 msanborn_lunchImage_professorCandyCorn_72_2014_11_25 msanborn_lunchImage_professorSqueekersJumps_72_2014_11_20 msanborn_lunchImage_reindeer_72_2014_12_2 msanborn_lunchImage_RubyJumps_72_2014_11_21 msanborn_lunchImage_treeLunch_72_2014_12_1