Lunchbox Drawings – November 2014 Part 1

So here are some more Halloween lunchbox drawings and a few post Halloween.  This past week was a little difficult getting inspired after all the Halloween fun.  Thanksgiving just doesn’t have the same draw for me.  Guess I just like drawing monsters and aliens.

I’m still exploring my line quality from image to image, playing around with thickness to denote distance and mass and to otherwise affect the composition for better balance and emphasis.  Maybe it is time to do a podcast for my cartooning line-work and talk a little about my process.

msanborn_lunchImage_snailLunch_72_2014_11_6 msanborn_lunchImage_scarecrowLunch_72_2014_11_3 msanborn_lunchImage_pumpkinCarving_72_2014_10_27 msanborn_lunchImage_princess_72_2014_10_24 msanborn_lunchImage_owlgirl_72_2014_11_4 msanborn_lunchImage_nativeAmericanLunch_72_2014_11_5 msanborn_lunchImage_happyHalloween_72_2014_10_31 msanborn_lunchImage_ghostLunch_72_2014_10_28 msanborn_lunchImage_boneyLunch_72_2014_10_30