Lunchbox Drawings – November 2014 Part 2

Here are the tail end of the November lunchbox drawings.  It has started to become quite the bear keeping up with them but I am learning a lot about forcing the creative process and more about technique in pen and ink, which should come in handy when I start work on my comic book.  Don’t want to go too much into that except to say that I have a list of books on order to learn more about the craft, from the writing through ink and color.  This is definitely a good exercise in understanding the tools and where to apply detail and where not to.  In any case, here are the November drawings, part 2.

msanborn_lunchImage_turkeyLunch_72_2014_11_18 msanborn_lunchImage_Princess_72_2014_11_14 msanborn_lunchImage_princess_72_2014_11_7 msanborn_lunchImage_plantFood_72_2014_11_13 msanborn_lunchImage_naughtyNightengail_72_2014_11_11 msanborn_lunchImage_duckDuck_72_2014_11_12 msanborn_lunchImage_BobLovesLunch_72_2014_11_17 msanborn_lunchImage_ballerninaTurkey_72_2014_11_10