Lunchbox Drawings – October 2014 Part 2

Here are some more October and Halloween related images for the lunchbox.  Lots of monsters and aliens and the like here!  Always fun to draw.  And of course there is the bird that is getting ready to do a number on the side of my car.  I struggled with the expression on that one but I had to include it.  There was a cardinal that would sit on my side mirror and use my car door as a bathroom.  Every time I came to the car in the morning, several times in a row, there it would be, taunting me.  My daughter thought it was just hilarious that I kept coming out and having to chase it away.  No respect from animals or children!  Par for the course I guess.  I think I like the alien here the best.  Something about the features and the angle of the render, just slightly downward.  That and he is a cool alien.  Just can’t go wrong!

msanborn_lunchImage_bathroomBird_72_2014_10_21 msanborn_lunchImage_frankensteinLunch_72_2014_10_21 msanborn_lunchImage_lizardLunch_72_2014_10_21 msanborn_lunchImage_monsterLunch3_72_2014_10_21 msanborn_lunchImage_mummyLunch_72_2014_10_21 msanborn_lunchImage_owlLunch_72_2014_10_21 msanborn_lunchImage_princessRuby004_72_2014_10_21 msanborn_lunchImage_surprisedSquid_72_2014_10_21 msanborn_lunchImage_alienLunch_72_2014_10_29 msanborn_lunchImage_vampireLunch_72_2014_10_21