Lunchbox Drawings – September 2014 Part 1

Here is September’s first installment of the lunchbox drawings for Ruby.  I started a running storyline of Princess Ruby that I think I’m going to try to get in Friday’s lunch and for the rest of the days of the week I’m trying to tie the images into what Ruby is learning that day.  This week her class talked about community helpers and professions so I included a few of those.  Looks like I’m going to post these every two weeks to keep the number of images manageable.  I was going to do it monthly but 20 images per post seemed like a bit much.

LUNCH_bearLunch_2014_9_14 LUNCH_chefRuby_2014_9_14 LUNCH_doctorRuby_2014_9_14 LUNCH_fishyLunch_2014_9_14 LUNCH_monkeyLunch_2014_9_14 LUNCH_princessRuby001_2014_9_14 LUNCH_scientist_2014_9_14 LUNCH_slowLunch_2014_9_14 LUNCH_mermaidLunch_2014_9_14