Miranda and the Men from Mars panels 5-8

Here are the next four panels of Miranda’s book. This project is taking a lot out of me. My guess would be that it is due to the added pressure I’ve given myself to set up a really solid foundation to build on. Last thing I want is to not have spent enough time exploring different compositions and angles and then end up working on compositions for months that are not all that engaging to me.

In these panels, Miranda helps Bob as much as she can and the both of them travel to Mars, landing in a old parts storeroom. In some of the panels you can see faint indications of my center line where the page would fold and where I have lightly blocked in rule of third lines. It is sometimes challenging to maintain space for the fold in the center of the page and stay true to my rule of thirds.

On a half related note, I am taking a small break from nthe book while I design a ghost hunter game for my elder daughter. Naturally, I will post that artwork as I start making progress on that as well.

Miranda_thumbnail_panels_005_small_2017_12_01 Miranda_thumbnail_panels_006_small_2017_12_01 Miranda_thumbnail_panels_007_small_2017_12_01 Miranda_thumbnail_panels_008_small_2017_12_01

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