Nightingale Painting In Progress

I had the good fortune of getting to work on some art as training for work this week.  My company and more specifically my supervisors are pretty cool that way!  Unfortunately I didn’t realize I hadn’t gelled this nightingale before I showed up so most of the first day was spent working on other art while I waited for the gel to dry.  Still, I had a little time that day and some of the next to work on unifying the base blue-green color for the shadows and building up some of my base values.  I haven’t posted many works in progress so this seemed like a good opportunity.  I think I’m going to leave much of the background that blue-green, just pushing in some slight color variation and pulling out more color and detail in my foreground elements.  I like the way the unity of the color in the background is focusing attention where I want it but still holding enough detail to move the eye around.  We’ll have to see how this piece behaves.  Sometimes these works seem to have minds of their own regarding what they will let me get away with.


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