Pig Charcoal Stage Complete

So maybe you can tell I did one of the things I swore I would never do… make a New Year resolution.  So I’m going to be pushing hard to be better at posting to my blog with new art this year.

Here is a small pig for my animal collection, only about 9″ x 6″, at the charcoal value stage.  I tried something a little different on this one, pushing in with white colored pencil in a few places before spray fixing.  Probably won’t do that again as the charcoal darkens a lot with the spray fix and the white colored pencil remains stark so there ends up being a gap between the lightest of the charcoal values and the white.  No biggie.  I could push after the spray fix dries to build back in that light range.  I think I’ll just save the colored pencil until after the spray fix in the future.

I don’t have a backstory in mind for this fellow yet but I’m sure he will work into the novella at some point.  For a name I’m considering Piercival Pigglesbottom.  With a name like that how could something not occur to me?


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