Print and Calligraphy for First Chapter of Book Project

Finally got around to getting one of the lino cut prints done.  If it weren’t for art shows forcing me away from that huge Ruby June book project, I probably wouldn’t be posting nearly as often (which still isn’t nearly enough.)  It took some tries with different applications of ink, different pressures, and different paper types to get the print to look the way I wanted it to.  And then I had to hand letter the calligraphy.  It made me really appreciate what it was to make books before the printing press came along.  I would have liked the ink to match the color of the print better but the darkness is growing on me.

Funny note, after I had worked on the lettering for 4 straight hours a colleague came up to me and inquired if I had an editor because “there are grammatical errors in it.”  After resisting the urge to smash the thing over his head, I pulled myself together and showed it anyway.  I’ve always written by sound and know there are probably many mysteries of grammar that are eluding me but it would have been nice to preface the information with a “hey, that is looking nice… but…”  People skills, people!  Anyway, I’ll probably have someone smarter than I have a look over it before it gets attention again.