Raven Bear Charcoal Illustration

It has been a terrible long time since my last post.  I’m prepared to blame it on being hacked and having to reconstruct my site from the ground up (the hacker that got into my site had some serious coding skills and really did a good job of hiding what he did.)  So now I’ve installed some security which I hope will do the trick of keeping the wolves at bay.  Now, onto the post at hand.

I’ve been splitting my time between a lot of different things lately, not the least of which is a RPG I’ve been working on for some time.  The rules are getting pretty solid with what meager play-testing I’ve been able to accomplish and so now I am talking to a group of really talented artists who are planning to help me out with supplemental art.  Each artist is exceptional in their style and bring some really great work to the table.  One of the things I’m trying to do, in addition to painting a pretty clear, vivid picture of the setting, is to have a variety of styles represented in the game.  I always enjoyed seeing a bunch of artist’s interpretations and styles in previous games which seems to be something that has gone away in some part.  I hope to bring that back for my game.

I did this value pass for this little painting of a bear with a raven’s head and have intentions to finish the painting sometime soon.  I will, of course, be bringing my painting technique to add to the mix.  I bounced around the idea of learning more digital technique for the game illustrations but I have re-thought that since my original idea was to have a wide variety of styles and I think my work would be a nice addition.


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