Something new to think about

I met Ethan Long, accomplished children’s book writer and illustrator, yesterday and he graciously accepted to look at a few of my previous dummy books.  It was a hard and honest critique, of which I was extremely grateful.  Good critique from seasoned industry professionals are very hard to come by.  He said he liked my sketch work but my paintings seemed to lose some of the activeness.  The books he reviewed were early works so perhaps my new work has evolved to a point that my new paintings are where they need to be.  I’m sort of regretting not having brought in some of my new paintings.  It did make me a little nervous, wondering if I am on the right track with this book.  It is quite an undertaking.  I’d hate to think that 8 months of work are moving in the wrong direction.  Still, I have committed to it and I hate to have an unfinished project so I will press on.