Vector Image of Future Lino Cut for New Book

I am now well under way of the fifth or sixth pass of editing this small first book in what I hope to become a series.  This is the most time I have ever spent editing so I hope it comes out well.  I am a little concerned about removing too much of what makes my writing mine.  I might have to re-read the first pass one more time just to see if I took out anything that really worked.  Boy is editing complicated.  The book is about an adventurous girl named Finch with a mysterious past.  She moves from guide to guide, learning skills and discovering more about herself.  I’m still refining my voice in the written work but I have embarked upon completing a linoleum cut print for each chapter.  That will be a challenge in and of itself trying to keep this same feel for all the images.  In this chapter, our heroine has been placed down a dry well by brigands set on robbing her adopted family.