Working on the Animals Again

I’m starting work on my animal series again and hoping that I can get the bulk of it finished in a few more months.  Not sure if I am still intending to do an ABC animal book or not but we’ll have to see how things play out.  I’m working on a Corgi right now, still pretty small scale at 5″ x 7″, and just plugging away on the charcoals.  You can see a little of my process here where I’ve gridded off my toned canvas and am working up from my digital comp.  As I go I make small alterations to lighting and details to try to unify all the various elements and direct the viewer eye as best as I can.  For purposes of the novella to go along with the work I’m also trying to incorporate more backgrounds now, applying the advice I give to my students that a good environment is key in establishing a place in space and time and can affect the appearance of the subject quite a bit.  I’ll try to keep posting the work as I go.


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