Charcoal of Ruby June Captured by the Deep Ones

Finally got this one finished.  Here Ruby June is being man-handled by some of Coo-Thoo-Loo’s fish-faced deep ones.  I had that little incident with the spray fixative “spitting” all over the canvas so had to post something else yesterday even though this one was completed.  Note to self… need to test spray a bit before saturating the canvas.  Still, I’m sure all will be fine once I get to the painting stage.  I’m looking forward to getting these painted, hence the full court press, but it looks as if I might have to take a short break as one of my favorite YA authors, Henry H Neff, has issued a challenge (it was really more of a contest) to render the Agent Cooper character from his Tapestry books.  I do love a challenge.  I have a pretty good compositional idea and will need to put it together before the end of August.  Not to worry, though, I’ll be posting progress as I work.  Hopefully it won’t go horribly awry.