Charcoal of Ruby June on her way to the Beach

This was the last of the original canvases that needed to be re-addressed.  I pushed the value range to be much broader here in line with the rest of the canvases.  Now all I have are 4 more new canvases to complete and then I can begin the arduous task of painting all of them.  I plan to tackle all that at the same time to maintain good color consistency through the series.

This page is the beginning of the book with Ruby June on her way to the beach, not suspecting anything is amiss.  The sign hanging over the planter will read Innsmouth Inn.  For those of you familiar with H P Lovecraft, you hopefully will recognize the name of the town.  It helps to explain why she is one of the only people in town and why there are Deep Ones staring through the windows at her.  Boy is she in for a surprise!