Charcoal of Ruby June Taken Away Stage 1

This panel, I can already tell, is going to be a bear.  It is going to have multiple light sources and a lot of characters.  On top of that, when I was gessoing the canvas, my gesso started clumping and I neglected to smooth it out enough, thinking I could sand it after the fact, which I did.  Unfortunately, the sanding took the gesso too far down and now I’m getting these uneven charcoal spots (as you can probably see)  I should be able to fix the issue, it will just take a bit more time and a little more care than usual.  Still, I like some of what is happening here already.

In this panel, the octopus king, Coo-Thoo-Loo, has directed his deep ones to lock up our heroine!  Shame on him, the big meanie!