Cult Member Digital Illustration

Finished another illustration of a cult member for my game. I wanted to get this one done for a game session that is coming up quick. Unfortunately, I don’t know if this one will prove useful as an illustration for the game book but at least I got it done pretty quick. I wanted a creepy feel to this one and felt like the smiling mask is a fairly unnerving look. Seems like I’m in a creepy mood lately. Must be Halloween coming up.

I worked this one up from one of my silhouettes, tweaking the proportions and pose as I went. I built up from grayscale, applying lighting where I needed it based on where I determined my light source to be. I built out the cowl as part of the base form but worked in the rest of the cloak as a layer behind the form. That gave me some flexibility to still work with the form and easily push edge lighting with the dodge tool. It wasn’t entirely accurate with respect to the light source but I felt like I needed a bit of additional definition there. I applied a burlap texture in places to the cloak using a semi-transparent multiply layer to make that vary a little from the rest of the clothes.

The shadow I painted out, darkening closer to the feet, and ran a motion blur filter over it to soften the edges then I burnt in right at the base of the feet for some additional contact shadow.


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