Zombie Digital Illustration

A little early for Halloween but I had the opportunity to try my hand at a zombie illustration. This one posed some interesting challenges like the tattered remains of clothing. I didn’t think that would be as challenging as it turned out to be but I muddled my way through it. The smudge tool helped there to get the rips moving in the right direction and capturing a little more of the flow of the cloth. I liked the way the ribs turned out but felt that zombie was a little too naked to leave him like that. As you can see there was a fair amount of tweaking the overall proportions and mass. I liked the volume of the original but felt like a more skeletal approach might be nice.

This one is another image for the game I’m developing.  The artwork is going to be the slowest part of getting this to market. While I would love to do a Kickstarter to get this done earlier, raising money for artwork, if I can do a lot of the heavy lifting myself I would love to make this available for cheap. I desperately want to be able to offer the pdf of the rules online for free along with some adventure content to get people interested and playing. Then maybe I can get some feedback beyond my initial playtest group to see how everyone thinks the mechanics are working before committing to a printed version. If the gameplay isn’t there, the rest is all just trappings. So far, my group is liking how everything works but every time I play I find some mechanic I want to simplify or revise.



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