Painting of Ruby June Captured by the Deep Ones

It has been a little since I posted a painting for the book so figured I’d better get on it again.  Truth be told, I was invited to participate in a show with a France theme so very soon, hopefully, everyone will be able to enjoy a larger one of my animal paintings.  Regardless, that shouldn’t be an excuse for no posts.  Oh, and I got sick.  I was holding my 7 month old, who was sick and while I was talking she reached up and put her hand in my mouth.  It was like that scene in the Matrix.  I could feel the assault wave of germs leaping from her hand into my mouth.  Still, no excuses!

In this panel, Ruby June has been discovered on her quest to find the Voice of the Sea and is being hauled off to have a chat with the mighty Coo-Thoo-Loo.  Never a dull day for our heroine!