Vye Meeting charcoals stage 4

Finished the value pass of the William Cooper painting.  Decided to not push too much detail into the textures.  That, to me, is such a fine line.  Don’t want to add in too much detail in the textures and complicate the painting needlessly but don’t want to stop too early on that and leave out too much.  So when it comes to the applying the colors, I think I’m really going to need to punch up the frog.  For some reason he is getting a little lost there and I do want him to be a point of interest.  I’ll probably saturate him a bit and I’m thinking with his being green, he will pop in front of the rocks and wall.  For my shadows I’m leaning towards a teal though I’ll still have to play a bit to make sure it is going to look good, unifying the shadows of everyone, though being in a thick forest, I think it is a decent first choice.  We’ll see.