Redesign of the book cover

So the idea has gradually morphed into an idea for a book series… a whole host of adventures with Ruby saving the day.  Entirely self-confident and resourceful in the face of daunting odds, Ruby will take on Atlantis, then maybe we’ll move on to the moon, or Mars, or, better yet, Venus!  Then back to Earth to take on mummies and yeti and vampires.

Now that the idea is for a book, I’ve re-designed the painting as a book-cover, having to flip the placement of Ruby with the aquatic nightmares.  I also took a little time and roughed out an outline of the book.  While the idea started with a visual, I still consider myself a slave to the written word.  Writing is and always should be king.  The Title for the book is now Ruby June and the Voice of the Sea, which refers to the shell horn she is holding, a horn that can control the creatures of the ocean.msanborn_RubyJune_Atlantis_Cover_sketch_002_72_2013_9_23