Vector Image of Chapter 1 Lino Cut for New Book

In an effort to keep posting new materials and not fall behind while I am painting all the book panels for Ruby June, I’m doing my best to keep plugging away on other projects like my YA fantasy book about the adventurous little girl named Finch.  In this hopefully soon to be linoleum cut print, Finch has recovered her abusive and oafish adoptive father’s wedge.  She discovered it sitting mysteriously atop a rock with a carving on it that, when she read it, caused her to black out.  It is proving to be challenging to keep the style consistent throughout these designs but I think I’m up to it.  We’ll see, the first book has 12 chapters in it so lets see if I can maintain.

I am still editing the book (this is about the fifth or sixth time) and I’m a little concerned I’m taking out a little too much of the art to make it read smoother.  Might need one more pass, just to be safe.  The writing definitely needed to be edited.  I’m finding things now that I haven’t before in my editing so it looks like progress.  We’ll see.