Nightingale Painting Complete

Finished up this pretty little lady.  The pearls were a little tedious but I like the way they are tying things together throughout the piece.  I did this one a little larger than usual and probably won’t do that again.  I do like the way the smaller works just get banged out quickly and that I can keep the price point low enough to move… hopefully.  I really like the idea of being able to get my work on other people’s walls instead of eating up my wall space.  I think I’m going to spread my time between small and large pieces, the large ones to hopefully get them in the door at shows (because they rarely sell) and the small ones for people to take home.

The painting of this one didn’t pose too many issues.  I like it when things come together without too many issues, naturally.  I did enjoy getting to push the feel of the fabric a little more on this one than I usually do.  I also like the way the texture worked here in the flow of the feathers in a lot of places.  I usually try to be conscious of that as much as I can, sometimes to get the texture to flow with the surface or at the very least not create seams where there are going to be areas of increased detail.


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