Painting of Ruby June and Charter Jack Preparing to Set Sail

Ruby June and Charter Jack preparing to set sail in search of the mysterious Voice of the Sea.  Charter Jack looks a little worried but Ruby June, as usual, is unruffled!  She is such a trooper and knows when the world needs her to get it out of a jam.  For the design of the Slippery Squid, Charter Jack’s boat, I drew from the boat they used in Jaws.  I always think back to that scene with Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider, and Richard Dreyfuss showing their scars and talking their tales around the table.  One of my favorite scenes!  And, of course, I had to give Charter Jack a pocket in his shirt in case he needs to munch on some crackers.

The textures on this panel I felt really came together.  I really liked the way the shadow of the plank on the side of the boat really showed the texture so well.  Sometimes the texture works well, sometimes not as much.  I think the key is to have a darker value for the wash and a lighter value to pick up those peaks.  Still trying to perfect the craft.